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What do you hope to achieve during the course *

What areas of ministry have you been involved in the past *

What areas of ministry do you feel called to in the future *

Are there any concerns or worries that you have about joining the college *

I am committed to attending Revive Church on a weekend during the time I am part of the college *

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Let's talk about your Spiritual Life

When did you become a Christian? *

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Things we need to know...

Do you have a Criminal Record? If Yes, Please give details, otherwise just type BLANK *

Have you ever been involved in court proceedings concerning a child you are responsible for?

Have you ever been refused work due to inappropriate conduct towards children? *

To your knowledge, has there ever been any allegations made against you which was reported to and investigated by the police or social services? *

If Yes to question 12, please give details below (if not, skip to next question)

I am happy to go the through the DBS check process *

Please list any disease / disability / disorder which requires special
attention or which might limit your participation in any aspect of the college

Have you ever had any emotional / anxiety / or depression that required
treatment or had any psychiatric help

If Yes to 15, please explain...

List any prescribed medications you are taking

List any allergies you suffer from

Let's talk Education & Employment...

Please give a brief educational history (schools / colleges attended and qualifactions received) *

Please give a brief employment history

Current employment status...

Just a few last questions...

I would like Revive Academy to help find me accomodation during the course *

I will find my own accomodation or already have my own accomodation in Hull *

I am confident that I can finance the college fees and accomodation costs *

I would like to take part in an overseas mission during the course understanding that I will need to finance this *

I understand that my Senior Leader will be contacted for a pastoral reference *

Please provide the name / address / telephone number / email address of someone we contact that can give you a personal reference (a non-family member) *

I understand that during the college course I am a representive of Revive Church and therefore commit to refraining from drunkenness / sexual immorality / drugs (including cigarettes) *

Please provide days & times that you are able to travel to Hull for an interview, if requested. *

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